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Washington State: Database Of Disciplinary Actions Against Insurance Providers

by Matt Rosenberg September 7th, 2010

OVERVIEW: The Office of the Washington State Insurance Commissioner provides an online database for consumers to check on disciplinary and administrative actions taken against insurance providers. The commissioner’s office also provides another database through which consumers can check on the financial standing of long term health insurance providers.

KEY LINKS: Disciplinary or General Orders Database, 2002-2010, Office Of Washington State Insurance Commissioner; and 2010 Disciplinary or General Orders.

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1. Checking a specific provider. At the 2002-2010 Disciplinary or other Actions database main page, you can enter the name of an insurance provider in the search bar and click “submit” to see what results are returned. Be aware that different insurance companies sometimes have very similar names. Results display actions taken by the state, each linked to at its own summary page, which in turn contains a link to the actual Insurance Commissioner’s Office document detailing the action and response.

DEMO – STATE FARM: For instance, if you enter “State Farm,” the results show six disciplinary actions in the 2002-2010 state database. Two of the six listed actions were relatively minor. The four others follow.

Public Data Ferret On KOMO 1000: The High Level Nuclear Waste Disposal Challenge

by Matt Rosenberg September 3rd, 2010

On my latest regular weekly KOMO-AM 1000 segment featuring the work of our Public Data Ferret project, Wednesday Sept. 1, I spoke with co-anchor Nancy Barrick and guest anchor Bill Rice about the challenge the U.S. faces in developing a policy for long term disposal of high level nuclear waste. The conversation stemmed from a white paper published at the Ferret site. Here’s the audio of the radio segment. The transcript follows.