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Merrill Gardens Med Tech Cited For On-The-Job Intoxication

by Matt Rosenberg April 4th, 2011

SUMMARY: The state department of health released case information last week on Joseph B. Barsana, who worked as a registered nursing assistant/medication technician at a West Seattle assisted living facility, and has failed to contest a citation of unprofessional conduct after he was found passed out in a stairwell while on duty, with a half bottle of whiskey in his work station. A pill bottle with his name and a glass pipe were also found, both containing a substance police tests later revealed to be cocaine. Additionally, the narcotics cart was found unlocked with patient doses of oxycodone, hydrocodone and codeine missing. His registered nursing assistant license was expired at the time, but was not then required to have been renewed in order to work in an assisted living facility, according to state officials. The state will decide whether Barsana can become eligible to regain his credentials, and if so, under what conditions. Meanwhile, felony drug possession charges for cocaine are pending, and could be dismissed if Barsana successfully completes a court-supervised rehabilitation program in which he has enrolled.

State Sues Eastside Firms For Alleged Mail Order Scam

by Matt Rosenberg April 1st, 2011

SUMMARY: Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today filed suit against a Seattle man and two companies he owns on Mercer Island and in Bellevue, charging that they violated the state’s Consumer Protection Act by marketing stethoscopes and other medical equipment online and collecting payments, but failed to deliver the goods to customers or respond to customer service e-mails and phone calls. The state is seeking penalties, and restitution for consumers.