Collaboration in Civic Spheres


Social Capital Review serves as the mother blog of Public Data Ferret. Ferret digs up recent, high-news-value online government source materials to produce originally reported non-partisan articles about current public policy issues and concerns. We seek to daylight important news that otherwise would slip between the cracks. Then we translate it into Plain English, do additional reporting, and make it easy to connect with related stories. Our articles always include links to the original source document(s) and are archived at the central Public Data Ferret hub, where they are searchable by jurisdiction and topic.

Ferret serves as a knowledge base for stake-holders, a news source, and teaching tool. It is also a platform for innovation and experimentation in online news.

Social Capital Review and Public Data Ferret are part of a broader community service program run by Public Eye Northwest (PEN). PEN is a 501c3 public charity and a registered Washington state non-profit corporation. Its mission is to promote online government transparency, and to help demonstrate some of what news and information systems of the future need to do to help keep the public informed and government accountable. The founder and editor of Social Capital Review and Public Data Ferret and the Executive Director of PEN is Matt Rosenberg of Seattle.

If you have questions or comments, documents or data to share, would like a speaker for your group or class, please email matt (at) publiceyenorthwest (dot) org

Also know that we’re seeking interns and community volunteers interested in contributing writing, videos, audios or data visualizations related to our work. For writers, we’ll provide training in the Ferret method.

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