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James Rogers is majoring in journalism and environmental studies at Western Washington University in Bellingham. He's currently editor-in-chief of the Planet Magazine, the assistant editor of Bellingham's Signed Magazine, and has written for WWU's student paper, The Western Front. In his spare time James brews cider, wine and hard ginger ale.

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Bio-regional tourism greener, argues WWU enviro dean

June 18th, 2013

Tourism has a more pronounced effect on the world than the average tourist realizes. Whether they travel by air, sea or land, the long-distance tourist needs to appreciate the effects on the broader environment, the climate, and their own region and home. It’s more socially responsible, economically beneficial and ultimately more satisfying to travel closer to home, in one’s own region, than to distant lands. These were the key messages from Steve Hollenhorst, dean of Western Washington University’s Huxley College of the Environment, in a lecture earlier this month at WWU’s Biology Building titled, “The Trouble with Tourism: Rethinking Travel in the Age of Climate Change.” His talk was the final of the Huxley College speaker series.

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