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Bothell firm wins military contract extension worth up to $46M

by February 17th, 2012

Yesterday as the first stage of its $995 million purchase by Tokyo-based Fujifilm was successfully completed, Sonosite, Inc. of Bothell, Wash. was awarded a third-year contract extension worth up to $46,303,658 to supply the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and federal civilian agencies with ultrasound devices used near combat settings and in hospitals to detect injuries to war-fighters and other personnel. The company’s 2010 gross revenues were $275 million.

According to the company’s Vice-President of Governments Accounts and MSK Imaging, Ronald S. Dickson, the contract with the Philadelphia-based U.S. Defense Logistics Agency means Sonosite will continue to sell core products such as the M-Turbo and NanoMaxx portable ultrasound devices for use by field physicians in tents and medics in “far-forward” battle locations, as well as other ultrasound products for U.S. military and Veterans Administration hospitals. There are approximately 70 to 80 of the former globally and about 170 of the latter in the U.S.

Under U.S. military contracting rules, Sonosite is not the exclusive provider of ultrasound products, but has been a major supplier since 2001, Dickson said. An earlier contract was with the Defense Logistics Agency only, a conduit of goods and services to different branches of the military. The current contract, just extended for a third year is with the DLA and the VA, Dickson said. Extension of the contract depends on maintaining competitive pricing and documenting that a certain portion of the company’s own goods and services are purchased from small businesses, Dickson added.

About its sales to the U.S. military, the company says at its Web site that it is:

…dedicated to supporting the U.S. government’s military in its ongoing efforts to deliver high-quality and innovative patient care, ultimately easing suffering, saving lives, and restoring hope throughout the world. To date, SonoSite has an installed base of over 60,000 products worldwide, including U.S. military bases in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and U.S. Naval ships—the USNS Mercy and Comfort.

Sonosite has 10 subsidiaries and a global distribution network covering more than 100 nations. The company employs about 1,000, the majority in Bothell. Its products are also used by commercial clients and in developing nations such as India, Morocco, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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