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Merger Review: WA Accountancy Board, Licensing Dept.

by Matt Rosenberg December 12th, 2010

SUMMARY: An outside evaluation required by the state legislature finds that a merger between the Washington state Board of Accountancy and the state Department of Licensing would yield no appreciable savings and would likely increase the time required to investigate and resolve professional complaints involving CPAs and CPA firms. The report recommends against a merger.

BACKGROUND: The state of Washington’s supplemental budget for 2010-2011 included an amendment requiring an outside evaluation of the feasibility of merging the state board of accountancy – which oversees CPA professional conduct and performance – with the state Department of Licensing (DOL). The DOL already regulates other professions in Washington state, and legislators wanted to see if the merger could be accomplished in an effective manner, in order to save money while maintaining existing service levels. The evaluation was performed by the firm Zwillinger, Greek, Zwillinger & Knecht (ZGZK), of Phoenix. Factored into the report is information provided to the consultants by the accounting board and the licensing department about current operations and understandings of changes which would occur under consolidation. Both entities agreed that their assumption, used to develop this report, were portrayed accurately by ZGZK.

KEY DOCUMENT: Merger Report, to Washington State Board of Accountancy, 12/1/10


City Of Redmond: 2011 State Legislative Agenda

by Matt Rosenberg November 16th, 2010

SUMMARY: The Redmond, Wash. City Council on Nov. 16, 2010 was scheduled to vote on adoption of its 2011 state legislative agenda. The agenda emphasizes funding for transportation and other infrastructure projects, and continued efforts to manage regional growth. The city’s state agenda also voices support for electronic (time-variable) tolling of the I-90 bridge across Lake Washington, as well as for the replacement bridge across the lake on State Route 520, in order to minimize traffic diversions and improve regional traffic demand management.