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Accused Highline daycare rapist may avoid trial for 3rd time

by May 20th, 2013

Since early March Olad Hussein Kaynan, 24, a Somalian refugee who lived with his family in the North Highline Unincorporated Area of south King County has been in jail in Seattle charged with three counts of child rape in the first degree. His bail is set at $200,000. It’s been almost five years since he was first charged but state psychiatrists, defense and prosecuting attorneys, and King County judges have kept him in a cycle of custody that has so far not allowed him the opportunity to go to trial and clear his name.

5 years for repeat DUI offender, after Snoqualmie bust

by May 10th, 2013

With nine prior convictions from 1986 to 2005 for driving under the influence of alcohol plus felony convictions in Yakima County for two counts of vehicular manslaughter and one for vehicular assault – stemming from a 1991 tragedy when he had a blood alcohol level of .30 – Dwight Lloyd Casady was driving without a legal license along Railroad Avenue at River Street in Snoqualmie, Wash.

According to King County Court documents, police signaled him to stop because his taillights were covered with mud. He was very slow to respond and drove half on the shoulder for some distance.

Field sobriety and blood alcohol tests showed him to be clearly impaired.

Asked to place his right heel to his left toe, he kept falling.

When an officer who had taken him to the station noticed a particular smell he admitted he had urinated himself.

Compounded by a high “offender score” from his past record, Casady, 47, of Harrah, Wash. last Friday May 3 in King County Superior Court was sentenced to five years in prison for his felony DUI conviction based on the January arrest in Snoqualmie.

A charge also filed in connection with the January incident, for driving with a suspended or revoked license, a gross misdemeanor, was ultimately not prosecuted.

In the 1991 tragedy in Yakima County, Casady’s impaired driving resulted in the deaths of two and the “serious maiming” of a third person, court records state.

The related convictions for vehicular homicide and vehicular assault earned him a sentence in October 1991 of 89 months, or almost seven-and-a-half years.

Yet records in the recent case also reveal that by 1997 he was out of jail and convicted in that year for one of his nine DUIs, plus two more in 1998.

His most recent DUI conviction prior to Friday’s felony sentence was in 2005.

His extralegal endeavors also include felony convictions in Snohomish County in 2002 for theft and unlawful imprisonment. Overall, Dwight Lloyd Casady has been named as a defendant 57 times in municipal and superior courts in Washington since 1980, primarily in Yakima and Snohomish counties. In 1999, the Seattle Times reported he was attacked with an axe and underwent surgery as a result, after threatening to kill a man for spilling a beer in a Snohomish County bar.

In response to last week’s felony DUI conviction, Casady’s attorney, Seth D. Conant, immediately filed notice of intent to appeal.

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12 surgeries for Renton DUI victim; perp gets 6 months

by May 9th, 2013

When Garrett A. Bakken last July was charged with the felony DUI offense of vehicular assault after veering off Lake Washington Boulevard in Renton, Wash. and slamming into a pedestrian on a pathway, the story garnered coverage from local television and online news outlets and even made the New York Daily News. According to court files, Bakken’s blood alcohol level was nearly two-and-a-half-times the legal limit, and he initially drove away after the impact. At first, the victim’s identity was unknown. Last week on Friday May 3 to no fanfare Bakken, following an earlier plea agreement, was issued by King County Superior Court Judge Andrea Darvas a “standard range” sentence on the charge for a first-time felony offender: six months work release. Starting later this month the Renton man, 28, will go each weekday to work but spend nights and weekends in county custody until nearly Thanksgiving. For the victim, however, life is nowhere near its “standard range” prior to the accident.

Software consultant charged in Renton sex sting

by April 22nd, 2013

An Orange County, Calif. Oracle software expert who bills himself at his LinkedIn page as current “finance lead consultant at Boeing” has been charged in Washington state with the felony crime of commercial sexual exploitation of a minor after a sting operation by Seattle Police resulted in his arrest at Spring Hill Suites Renton less than two weeks ago.

According to a report from the Seattle Police Department’s Vice/High Risk Victims Unit, attached to King County Superior Court charging papers in the case, Javier Ramos Palomino, 48, of Aliso Viejo, Calif. was ensnared in a Seattle Police vice unit sting operation that began at an online hook-up site. It involved an apparent 15-year-old female prostitute.

Prosecutors: online sex predator victimized girls in WA, PA

by April 17th, 2013

In separate cases, criminal prosecutors in King County, Washington and Delaware County, Pennsylvania have charged the same 20-year-old Virginia man with felony sex offenses after he used social media to arrange hook-ups allegedly resulting in sex with young teen girls. Charged in King County with Rape of a Child 3 and in Delaware County with a series of alleged sex crimes is Ashley Ryan Hareford. He is now was being held in lieu of a $1 million bond in a Delaware County jail. Although the alleged sex acts with a 14-year-old runaway foster child for which Hareford is charged in King County occurred in May of 2012, the case was not referred to King County for possible prosecution until late January 2013 and charges were filed just more than two weeks ago, on April 1. Despite having aroused suspicions almost as soon as he arrived in Puget Sound last May, Hareford was able to skate out of town within days of admitting to Puyallup Tribal Police he had had sex with the girl, who he claimed had told him she was 18. When she finally came forward in October with a different story, he was long gone. She said he used Facebook and to build trust with her before hitchhiking cross-country to meet in person.

By no later than Nov. 30, say Delaware County authorities, Hareford had again used social media, in this case the chat app Party In My Dorm, to successfully woo a 13-year-old Radnor Township, Pennsylvania girl upon whom he allegedly also perpetrated a series of felony sex offenses. Whether and when he will have to fully answer for the Washington state child rape charge is unclear at this time. (UPDATE – 4/17/13, 3:51 p.m.: Delaware County District Attorney’s Office spokesperson Emily Harris tells us Hareford pled guilty yesterday and was sentenced on the Pennsylvania charges to 15 to 30 years in prison. reports District Attorney Jack Whelan said Hareford will be extradited to Washington to face the charges there after he finishes his just-issued prison term.)

CapHill bartender charged for alleged sex acts with girl, 13

by April 15th, 2013

A hip presence on the Seattle restaurant scene has been charged with the Class A felony of Rape of a Child in the Second Degree. According to King County Court documents Matthew Aaron Cannelora, 28, whose most recent address police say is in the 1700 block of Boylston Street in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, is alleged to have committed multiple sex acts with a 13-year-old girl in her Rainier Beach home last December while he was staying there with his adult sister to help take of care of the girl and her younger sister. The parents, close friends of his, were away on a trip to Mexico to attend a wedding. Cannelora declined comment on the case when contacted by a reporter.

Charges were filed March 20. Cannelora entered an initial plea of not guilty at his arraignment April 3. The next court date is April 16.

Cannelora’s profile has risen in recent years in Seattle foodie circles. He was bartender at Quinn’s Gastropub on Capitol Hill, then at the west CapHill eatery La Bete. Now according to staff on site Sunday April 14, he works just south of Madison near Seattle University at Von Trapp’s, 912 12th Ave., which is owned by the Emerald State Restaurant Group. (UPDATE – 4/15/13, 7:12 p.m. We have just heard from Rich Fox, Operating Owner of Von Trapp’s, who emailed to say, “Matthew Cannelora was a part of our opening staff but is no longer employed by our establishment.”)

UW teaching associate faces felony sex charge in recent Seattle sting

by April 12th, 2013

A PhD candidate at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business who also teaches undergraduate business courses at UW Bothell was charged in mid-March with the felony offense of commercial sexual abuse of a minor. The case developed from an in-depth, two-day online exchange between a Seattle Police vice unit 44-year-old male detective impersonating a 15-year-old female prostitute and a 32-year-old Ukrainian citizen teaching “financial policy and planning” to UW-Bothell undergrads. According to King County Superior Court records, it included agreement on sexual acts and price, delivery of a female vice cop impersonating the bait to a University District block near the teacher’s apartment, plus payment by the teacher to a driver who was also an undercover cop, as other police watched from stake-out locations nearby. The sting culminated in a bust immediately thereafter.

Guilty plea by Renton pipe bomb suspect, sentencing in May

by April 10th, 2013

A man with 14 prior criminal convictions pled guilty last month in King County Superior Court to a felony charge that came after he left a potentially lethal pipe bomb outdoors on a late June, 2011 day adjacent to the Renton Library and a popular walking path along the Cedar River. He is to be sentenced next month, and was under community supervision of the Washington State Department of Corrections at the time. According to court documents, Nicholas Joel Bailey told Renton Police he bought the materials for the pipe bomb at McLendon’s Hardware in Renton. He carried it around in a backpack for several days. On June 22, 2011 he was walking on the Cedar River Trail near the library and became alarmed when he saw two police cars go by, so he deposited a blue and white sports bag with the pipe bomb in ivy hedges beside the trail near the busy local library and recreation hub.