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Downtown Seattle design firm wins $15 million Navy contract

by July 11th, 2011

SUMMARY: The downtown Seattle firm Makers Architecture and Urban Design has won a $15 million contract from the San Diego-based Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest to provide “project planning documents, plans, studies, geo-spatial information and service, global positioning system services and other services” at Navy and Marine Corps locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. The unit  is one of 10 naval facilities engineering commands which contracts with vendors who deliver housing, piers, airfields, and hospitals at Navy and Marine Corps sites; plus services such as transportation, maintenance, utilities and energy, facilities management and base operations.

State: nurse at Auburn facility took patients’ opiates, worked under the influence

by June 10th, 2011

SUMMARY: The Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission of the Washington state Department of Health has charged registered nurse Deborah M. Asrari with unprofessional conduct for allegedly appropriating the prescription opiate hydomorphone for her unauthorized use while on duty at Auburn Regional Medical Center, and allegedly practicing nursing while affected by that drug. In several instances, the state alleges, the drugs were intended for patients under her care. Asrari declined to respond the commission within the required 20 days and state officials say the next step is a hearing within five months, after which disciplinary actions may be taken.

Washington firm wins $66 million military food supply contract

by May 23rd, 2011

SUMMARY: Numerous Washington state companies other than Boeing continue to win sizable U.S. defense contracts, which can be tracked through a Department of Defense Web page which is updated Monday through Friday, and a related database of announcements. Last week, a Mount Vernon company won a $66 million contract for military food distribution. Among others, in March, Seattle firms won a $30 million contract for infrastructure work at Northwest military facilities, and $6.7 million contract for inflatable mattresses. Other military contracts worth more than $5 million were awarded in the last six months to Washington state firms for aviation fuel, helicopter refurbishment, additional food distribution work, and wirelesss services and devices.