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City Of Shoreline 2010-2011 Goals And Work Plan

by Matt Rosenberg April 12th, 2010

BACKGROUND. The community of Shoreline, Wash. developed throughout the 1900s and voted to incorporate in 1995. It has 50,000 residents and is the 15th most populous city in Washington state. The Shoreline City Council at a March 5 and 6, 2010 retreat began to formulate its 2010-2011 goals and work plan, which were subsequently refined at an April 5 study session. Tonight the Council will have an opportunity to vote for approval of the proposed goals and work plan, which would then form the basis for more detailed work plans and the city’s 2011 budget.

KEY LINK. Shoreline City Council 2010-2011 Goals And Work Plan.

HIGHLIGHTS. Key items include:

  • “Acquire Seattle Public Utilities water system in Shoreline; develop feasibility analysis and financial plan; negotiate acquisition; develop transition and implementation plan;”
  • “Update transportation master plan, including citywide trail, bicycle and transit elements;”
  • Work with Sound Transit and other stakeholders to implement the regional voter-approved Sound Transit 2 plan for extended light rail, through Shoreline;
  • Complete a transit-oriented development plan for the Aurora Ave. North Park-and-Ride facility at 192nd St.;
  • Complete portion of construction and enhancement project on Aurora Ave. North, from 168th St. to 185th St.; complete design, (land) acquisition and bidding for construction and enhancement work on Aurora from 185th St. to 192nd St., and secure funding;
  • Develop a “Healthy City” plan and complete scope of work for development of a city youth services master plan;
  • “Work with Shoreline Community College to establish a continuing small business development and assistance program;”
  • “Enhance opportunities for effective citizen communication and community engagement” through introduction of council meeting “e-comments;” social media tools such as Facebook and You Tube; holding community forums on key topics; and supporting growth efforts of community civic and volunteer organizations.

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