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County in 10-year deal with popular dog wash at Marymoor

by October 3rd, 2012

If you’ve been glad to give your muddy, happily exhausted canine a good sudsy hosing at Wash Spot Express in King County’s Marymoor Park in Redmond after a romp in the “Doggy Disneyland” off-leash area there, you’ll be pleased to learn the company and the county are likely to be inking a new 10-year concession agreement before the end of this year. The proposed pact and an accompanying letter of endorsement from County Executive Dow Constantine have been transmitted to the county council. The dog wash on park property is adjacent to the west parking lot and the popular 40-acre Marymoor off-leash facility. Because the partnership formed in 2007 has worked out well for the county and Bothell-based Wash Spot LLC, says the agreement, it should be extended until 2022. If expected approval is granted by the King County Council later this year, Wash Spot Express’ monthly rent under the new agreement will be $1,050 and the company will pay the county 10 percent of all monthly income above and beyond the first $8,000 earned per month.

In a transmittal letter to the council Constantine says the concession is expected to yield the county about $20,000 per year over the 10 years. He adds that the partnership helps diversify county parks and recreation revenues while also adding amenities at the park and addressing the county strategic plan’s goal of providing services responsive to community needs.

Wash Spot Express provides car wash-like bays for owners to wash their dogs, usually after playing in the off-leash area; and also sells dog toys, snacks and grooming aids. The nearby parking lot has spaces for 200 vehicles. The dog wash facility at Marymoor gets unanimously positive reviews at Yelp. One reviewer writes: “This place is like a car wash for dogs. Each wash bay has a ramp for your doggie to climb up to the basin, which is at a convenient human height (much better than using the bathtub at home!). The rubber bottomed basin helps slippery paws stay grounded. Strategically placed leashes keep your champ from scurrying out of the basin. Shampoo, towels and dryers are provided to give your pooch the full service wash and dry. Even aprons are standard so you can take your own bath later. The staff is super helpful, providing instructions and helpful hints to make sure your canine comes clean…After a dirty day at Marymoor, this place definitely hits the spot!”

The enabling ordinance 2012-0408 has yet to be assigned to committee by the county council and may not gain final approval until late in the year due to county budget deliberations. A public hearing, yet to be scheduled, will be part of the process.

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