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Data viz: oil imports, per-capita GDP for 25 nations, 1980 on

by October 12th, 2012

Earlier this week we used Google Public Data Explorer to craft a data visualization of debt as a proportion of Gross Domestic Product for 16 nations, over a multi-year period. It was from a dataset in the International Monetary Fund’s October 2012 World Economic Outlook. The IMF has posted a host of different data sets from that new report at the Google data site, which is designed to let people build their own data visualizations and easily embed them in their Web sites or blogs. Here’s one more we’ve developed from the IMF report, showing oil imports for 25 selected nations, the value pegged to that of the U.S. dollar at the time. The period covered is 1980 through 2011, with projections to 2017. Of the 25 nations, the U.S. is far and away the leader for 2011, with more than $462 billion in oil imports. Use the “explore data” link to access the IMF report’s page at Google Public Data Explorer, and create your own viz. You’ll also see a direct link to the source document, at the lower left corner of our viz.

Here’s another viz using the same tool and source document. It depicts per-capita GDP, expressed in U.S. dollars, for the same 25 countries. Norway, that’s the place to be.

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  1. […] From the International Monetary Fund’s October 2012 World Economic Outlook database comes this data visualization we easily built at the Google Public Data Explorer site, depicting the gross debt of selected nations as a percentage of their gross domestic product, or annual economic output. The period covered is 1997 into 2010 or 2011, with projections to 2015. Click on “explore data” to create other visualizations from the same new IMF database, choosing different econometrics and nations. (UPDATE: Here are two more we’ve done – on oil imports and per-capita GDP for 25 nations – baked into one post). […]