Collaboration in Civic Spheres

Interactive asset map of public art in Seattle

by June 5th, 2012

This data visualization shows the location and site information for each of the 316 art installations sponsored by the City of Seattle as of June 2012. Blue circles indicate the geographic location of each project. Hovering your cursor over a circle will reveal the project’s title, site, artist’s name, type of media, brief description and date installed. In addition, the viz displays the project’s physical address as well as a link to the satellite view in Google Maps. Additional information about a particular project may be found by following the link to the website of the City of Seattle Office of Art and Cultural Affairs. Source: City of Seattle public art data set, via


-Zoom in/out: Use the control panel in the upper left of the viz.
-Move map view: Click and hold until cursor becomes a fist, then drag to desired location.
-Select multiple sites: Click and drag to select desired sites.

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