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Kent firm gets $64 million more in U.S. military contracts

by Matt Rosenberg November 8th, 2011

Sysco Seattle, Inc. of Kent, Wash. yesterday was awarded two contracts totaling up to $64.6 million from the Philadelphia-based U.S. Defense Logistics Agency to provide food service for U.S. military troops at an assortment of facilities in Washington state through November 3, 2012. All the work will be performed from the Kent location, south of Seattle.

One contract is for $44 million to serve the Navy; this includes ships operating out of Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, as well as Coast Guard ships, plus “various submarines and afloat vessels and currently the USS Nimitz, Lincoln and Stennis,” according to Sysco Seattle Sales Manager Tim Tauscheck. The other contract is for up to $20.6 million more, to serve Joint Base Lewis McChord and other land-based military facilities in Washington state, Tauscheck said. The contracts bring to $144 million the face value of U.S. defense contracts won by the Kent-based employer since 2004.

Sysco Seattle, Inc. formerly did business as Sysco Food Services of Seattle, Inc. and has been awarded at least four previous U.S. military food service contracts totaling $80 million between 2004 and early 2011 to provide food and food services to the U.S. military, as this DOD database search shows. The Kent-based division of the global giant, Sysco Systems, provides food to restaurants, schools, health care facilities, hotels and other customers in the Pacific Northwest, as well as supplies and equipment to the foodservice and hospitality industries.

The contracts awarded to Sysco Seattle this week continue the stream of defense dollars to Washington state employers other than the longstanding defense powerhouse Boeing. Early last month within less than a week, four Washington businesses won medical and construction defense contracts worth a total of up to $53.9 million, and later in October two Seattle companies and an Anacortes firm were among those splitting a $74 million award to build a new oceanographic research vessel for the U.S. Navy.

A September 2010 state study reported Washington companies in 2009 were awarded $5.2 billion in military contracts; and with indirect and induced effects added in, total jobs and labor income from military spending here were 7 and 8 percent respectively of the state’s totals.

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