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Lens: The Real State Budget Battle Comes Next Year

by March 16th, 2016

From Lens:

Overtime Session Foreshadows an Even Bigger Budget Challenge in 2017.”

“As the state Legislature heads into a special session to conclude negotiations on mid-course adjustments to the $38 billion 2015-2017 state budget, some lawmakers are already looking to next year and the perfect storm they know may be waiting for them next year when a new biennial spending plan must be devised.”

Expected are “tougher circumstances in 2017 when a new budget will have to be hammered out under the shadow of the State Supreme Court’s McCleary ruling on fully funding K-12 education.” Perhaps adding complexity “are revenue forecasts and a potential recession. Some $3 billion to $4 billion will be the McCleary price tag…” A new K-12 funding task force lawmakers created will advise.

“…some statehouse sources have said that a 2017 McCleary deal is likely to include a net outflow of school tax monies from richer districts in and around Central Puget Sound to other parts of the state.The politically volatile scenario also includes state control of teacher salaries, although with cost of living variations for different locales.”

Read the whole thing.

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