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Look What Washed Up Ashore: WA Ecology, on Flickr

by September 21st, 2012

Yes, of course the Washington State Department of Ecology is on Flickr and yes, they’ve got exactly the pix you know you want to see: marine debris of the first order. It ain’t pretty. Following are a few highlights from the album. Perhaps we could all agree to not leave things floating out at sea. Like boats and oil barrels and stuff. Exceptions granted for tsunamis, of course. While we’re at it, you might want to bookmark DOE’s spill incidents information center, their “publications by program” hub, or their news listserve. Captions immediately below the pictures here are verbatim from DOE. The asides are our own.

From June 24-29, Ecology deployed 3 Washington Conservation Corps crews to clean up increased amounts of marine debris along 57 miles of coastal beaches in southwest Washington. They collected enough material to fill 70 pickup trucks./WA Dept. Ecology@Flickr

Didn’t I see those guys at The Crocodile Tavern last Saturday night? Anyway.

WCC crews found this oil drum at Wash-Away Beach near Tokeland on June 28. It did not have visible identifying markers./WA Dept. Ecology@Flickr

Yes, there really is a Tokeland, Wash. And no, you can’t move there. All the spots are taken. This next one is from the Long Beach Peninsula. Brilliant, huh?

Varying types of debris have washed ashore including this industrial light bulb./WA Dept. Ecology@Flickr

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