Public Data Ferret

Local, county, and state governments – as well as the federal government – already put a lot of valuable information online. But too much of it slips through cracks. That’s why Public Data Ferret is here to help. The Ferret – a service of the 501c3 public charity Public Eye Northwest – digs up the public’s business like nobody’s business – writing original, bias-free articles based on government documents and data, which are then archived by jurisdiction and topic for easy reference. It’s a growing, but carefully vetted knowledge base on issues that animate our politics and communities – without the hyper-partisan posturing that makes civil discourse so hard these days. Ferret also serves as an educational platform to build community capacity for public service and public records reporting. Our initial focus is within Washington state, plus the federal government. The Ferret welcomes new contributors (training provided) and tips on important public documents or data – please include links. We’re also on the lookout for folks who will contribute their data visualization skills. Please contact the Ferret’s keeper, Matt Rosenberg, at matt (at) publiceyenorthwest (dot) org. Here are Ferret user instructions.


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