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GAO: Medicare's Path "Fiscally Unsustainable"

Posted: March 03, 2011

SUMMARY: In testimony to a U.S. House subcommittee yesterday, U.S. Government Accountability Office Director of Health Care Kathleen King said the Medicare program is at risk of failure because of was... Read more →

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Audit Targets Testing Of U.S. Army's Body Armor

Posted: January 11, 2011

SUMMARY: Ballistic testing by oversight personnel of the U.S. Army's Interceptor Body Armor vest components for five of six contracts, and quality surveillance procedures on four of the contracts, wer... Read more →

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U.S. Government Accountability Office: Federal Oil and Gas Lease Oversight Needs Sweeping Fixes

Posted: July 27, 2010

BACKGROUND: The Gulf oil spill has refocused attention on the role of the U.S. Department of the Interior's oversight of activity by companies which lease federally-regulated properties to drill for o... Read more →

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GAO Report: Federal Protective Service's Contract Security Guards Lax

Posted: April 26, 2010

BACKGROUND: Since the 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City perpetrated by Timothy McVeigh, killing 168 people and injuring 500, there has been increased emphasis on security pro... Read more →

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Congressional Research Service: "The U.S. Postal Service's Financial Condition - Overview & Issues For Congress"

Posted: March 21, 2010

One of the major policy analysis arms of the U.S. Congress is The Congressional Research Service. This January 19, 2010 report from CRS examines major fiscal sustainability challenges facing the U... Read more →

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