WHY PUBLIC DATA FERRET? Local, county, and state governments – as well as the federal government – already put a lot of valuable information online. But too much of it slips through cracks. That’s why the Public Data Ferret team is here to help. They’ve got a nose for news and valuable public information resources, and know you’ve got limited time. They dig up the public’s business like nobody’s business, probing the hidden corners of the government Deep Web. Ferret entries take the form of originally-reported articles based on recent high-news-value public documents and data – and always include links to original source materials.

There’s also an emphasis on high touch, easy access archiving. All the Ferret articles are stored at a central archive on the Ferret home page, searchable by jurisidiction and/or topic. We are beginning to do work in data visualization, as well.

The Ferret team welcomes tips on important public documents, data sets and story ideas – please contact founder and chief editor Matt Rosenberg, at matt (at) publiceyenorthwest (dot) org and include any relevant links. More information on other ways to engage with the Ferret project is under “PARTICIPATE” at our user instruction page.

Public Data Ferret is a project of 501c3 non-profit, Public Eye Northwest, which works to advance digital civic literacy, voluntary government transparency and civic engagement.