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“Quick Stop” Skills Key To Passing WA Motorcycle Test

by September 20th, 2012

Washington residents who’d like to drive a motorcycle have to pass a riding skills test to get the added “endorsement” on their driver’s license. The state Department of Licensing guide to the process says you can do it in one step at an approved motorcycle training school, or in two steps starting with a knowledge test that gets you an instructional permit to ride before taking the riding skills test. There are five key riding skills tested: cone weave and normal stop; turn from a stop, and U-turn; obstacle swerve; quick stop; and handling curves. DOL has been releasing instructional videos on its YouTube channel for each of the five riding test skills. Today the department posted the “quick stop” video. We’re providing it below, for the convenience of future test-takers.

You’ll find the other four episodes in the right margin, here.

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