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South End “Lady Thug” gets felony pimping charges

by July 2nd, 2013

In a case propelled by a tip from a Seattle-based FBI special agent, a 20-year-old Federal Way woman named Jacqueline Pamela Oliver was arrested by Kent Police and charged in King County Superior Court with two counts of commercial sexual abuse of a minor for allegedly pimping two girls – a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old. Court documents allege she did this in order to earn money so she could use the proceeds to stay with the two in South End motel rooms and have intimate relations with the 16-year-old, whom she was dating. Oliver’s arrest form says she is 6 feet tall, about 280 pounds, and sports a “Lady Thug” tattoo on her right thigh.

A police report says she is also known as Jackie Oliver, sometimes lives with her mother in Federal Way, and has a daughter. She is currently serving a deferred sentence on a 2012 conviction for criminal trespassing in the second degree. She also has prior convictions as an adult for obstruction, and as a juvenile for drinking and DUI, according to court documents.

Charges filed June 14 by King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg say a Kent Police investigation indicates Oliver was staying with the two alleged victims at the Motel 6 at 200th Street and Military Road in Seatac and was running the girls’ marketing to turn tricks through the web site The site has come under fire from the City of Seattle and Mayor Mike McGinn among others in recent years for its advertisements on behalf of prostitutes who in some cases have turned out to be underage and forced into the trade unwillingly.

The FBI special agent first established contact with Oliver’s 15-year-old alleged victim at the King County Youth Detention Center in early June. She admitted to turning tricks and said there were ads for her on placed by Oliver, who she said took the pictures as well and provided her own phone number as contact. The 15-year-old said that she had been staying with Oliver and a 16-year-old girl at the Motel 6; that Oliver had been running them both and taking their earnings; and that Oliver was on Facebook as “Jackie Lavish.”

Kent Police – who are partnered with the FBI, the King County Sheriff’s Office, and police from Seattle, Seatac, the Port of Seattle and Bellevue in the Seattle unit of the FBI’s Central Sound Child Exploitation Task Force – took the investigation from there. They found Oliver’s “Jackie Lavish” Facebook page and matched a photo of her there to one in a law enforcement database and then found five prostitution ads with her phone number, four with pictures of a girl later identified as the 16-year-old alleged victim.

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A Kent Police undercover sting involving a requested threesome resulted in the arrest at the Hampton Inn, 21109 66th Ave. S. in Kent on June 12 of Oliver and several others. Oliver had been overseeing the transport of the 16-year-old to the site for the undercover John. Interviewed later by police, the 16-year-old said it was through her ex-girlfriend that she’d met Oliver, and they had been dating for two months.

According to the police report the 16-year-old “said Oliver does not have a job but gets food and money from the state for her daughter” and lives on and off with her mother in Federal Way. Kent Police detective Lovisa Dvorak, who authored the probable cause report included in charging papers, wrote that the 16-year-old told her “she doesn’t need to work but if she wants to be with Oliver she needs the money to get a place to stay,” and that likewise the 15-year-old “gave her money to Oliver to pay for motel rooms.” She told Dvorak that the younger prostitute “knew what she had to do if she was going to be out there and not at home,” namely, engage in prostitution.

Commercial sexual abuse of a minor in Washington state is a Class A felony and upon conviction carries a penalty of up to life in prison and a fine of up to $50,000, or both, although the standard sentencing range is considerably less.

At her initial arraignment July 1 before Judge Cheryl Carey, Oliver pled not guilty and was granted conditional release requiring her to report Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Community Center for Alternative Programs on Yesler Street in Seattle.

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