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U.S. Mint: The Cost Of A Penny Is 1.6 Cents

by December 11th, 2010

SUMMARY: In its 2009 annul report, the U.S. Mint included a chart showing the costs from 2007 through 2009 of manufacturing and initial distribution of its different coin denominations. It costs more than half-again as much to make and produce a penny than it is worth: 1.6 cents per penny. Costs of producing and distributing a nickel exceed its value only fractionally. Making and distributing dimes and quarters are considerably less than their face value.

KEY LINK: U.S. Mint 2009 Annual Report, 5/10

KEY FINDINGS: The following chart from the annual report shows the costs of manufacturing and initial distribution of different coin denominations versus their face value, over the last three years. Overall, the amount by which per-coin cost for the penny and nickel have been exceeding face value, has decreased from 2007 through 2009.

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