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WA state site has new interactive data sets on population

by July 6th, 2012

Population data for Washington cities and counties from 2010 to April 1, 2012 released in late June by the state’s Office of Financial Management is now available as a series of interactive datasets at Washington State’s official open data site, We’ve embedded the interactive datasets immediately below. To begin exploring the data, slide the horizontal scroll bar to the right. Pick a data column to re-arrange in ascending or descending order, such as “Percentage change in population, 2010-2012.” Further instructions including visual aids are below the embed.

Powered by Socrata

Click on the small red box to the left of a column header* then click on the prompt “Click for menu.” (* For the 2010 Census column you must click directly on the column header to activate the data).

Then click again on “Sort Descending.” You’ll get a list of all cities in the state arranged from greatest to least, in order of their percentage gain in population from April 1, 2010 to April 1, 2012, according to OFM data. You will have to scroll back to the far left to associate the ranked data with city names.

For any line (city) in any sorted list, you can also drill in for a full profile of all available data on that city in the OFM 2010-2012 population data set. Do this by first clicking on the small red box to the left of any line on a sorted list. Then click on on “single row data.”

This will yield a lower second box with all the data for the given city.

In addition name of city and county within which it resides, there are 17 other data fields arranged horizontally in the main table above. Recommended for exploration, using “Sort Descending,” are: percent change in population 2010-2012; share of total state population 2012; rank by population size 2012; population change due to annexation 2010-2011; and population change due to annexation 2011-2012.

The interactive data set was created by Thomas Kimpel using an open data platform developed by the Seattle-based company Socrata.

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