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Washington juvenile arrest rates highest in rural counties

by October 30th, 2012

Overall 2011 juvenile arrest rates in Washington state were highest in rural counties while the state’s most populous and urbanized county, King, was among those with the lowest rates.

The data come from the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs and is processed by the state’s Statistical Analysis Center. The Center’s Crime Stats Online data hub provides the public with access to the information, which is used in the Office of Financial Management’s annual Washington State Criminal Justice Data Book.

Following are several maps retrieved from the Crime Stats Online data hub, showing juvenile arrest rates by Washington County in 2011, for various types of crimes.

Leading in juvenile arrests per 1,000 population aged 18-39 last year were Adams, Asotin, Benton, Cowlitz, Clark, Douglas, Franklin, Okanagan, Skagit and Walla Walla counties. The rates are calculated according to the metric preferred by law enforcement, which is the number of arrests of juveniles (under 18 years old) for every member of the general population in the same jurisdiction who is between 18 and 39 years old. Here’s that first map, and then four more.

Now, the map by Washington county for 2011 juvenile aggravated assault arrest rates. Again, dark blue represents the counties with the highest rates, and off-white those with the lowest.

Juvenile burglary arrest rates:

Motor vehicle theft:


At the Crime Stats Online hub, data from 1990-2011 on adult arrests and convictions by county and state-wide are also available, in several formats. The map option in any given year most accents important rate information over raw numbers, and most easily allows comparisons between counties.

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