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World Bank data visualization: lower fertility, longer lives

by October 19th, 2012

At Google Public Data Explorer, the World Bank recently posted this revealing visualization showing how lower fertility rates correlate with longer life expectancies for females and males. The results are given for major nations and are also colored-coded by continent. A slider on the bottom allows the user to see different result for each year between 1960 and 2010. By hovering your mouse over any circle, you will be able to a nation’s name as well as its exact data points along each axis, in the selected year. By moving the slider rapidly from left to right, you can see the progress over time, on a global scale, in lower fertility rates and greater longevity. Fertility rate is defined as the average number of births per woman, and life expectancy as that of a newborn, with current mortality conditions remaining the same. The source document was the World Bank’s World Development Indicators.

Click “explore data” in the viz below to find an index of other data sets from the report, which you can use to easily create your own data visualizations in Google Public Data Explorer.

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